Mesmerizing Nature Pillows

My wife loves to get fun and creative throw pillows for our house. On the other side is me, a guy who just wants something comfy and nice to rest on. However, I couldn’t help but write about the Etsy shop Plantillo. Their pillows had me absolutely mesmerized.

Bee Pillow

I’m a big fan of bees. They are incredibly helpful in supporting flowers and honey is probably the best tasting foods! Any other bee fans out their can snag this pillow below.
Bee Pillow | Realistic Nature Pillows


DIY Cleanser Scrub

DIY cleanser scrub from a few simple household ingredientsCleaning solutions that do all the work for you are great but sometimes a little elbow grease is required. Try this simple DIY cleanser scrub to make sure your effort is not wasted.

  • 1 cup of baking soda
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 squirt of dishwashing liquid

The baking soda and dishwashing liquid are both bases so they work well together. A little bit of lemon juice can be added to leave a better scent, but this will be acidic so don’t add much.

The baking soda is the key ingredient for this cleaning solution. It adds an abrasive attribute that helps a ton for scrubbing. Just remember NOT to use this solution for soft or easy to damage surfaces.

So where is the best place to utilize this solution? Surfaces made of glass, porcelain, and hard metal are a good place to start. Also, try using this cleanser scrub on baked-on messes on a stove top or microwave.

More specific messes?


Vintage Pie Safe Knockoff

Farmhouse kitchens are all the rage right now. Before ice boxes and refrigerators, pie safes were used to store not only pies, but also meat, bread, and other perishables, to keep them safe from vermin and insects. The doors, and usually the sides,were ventilated either by tin panels with punched holes or screens.

When I built a small pantry for myself, I wanted to create an old pie safe look.   I came across some pie safe tin panels made in the old-fashioned way in an on-line hardware store and I knew I had found the right pieces!   The technique I’m about to share can be applied to almost any existing cabinet door; all it takes is a little wood molding.

Assembling the Materials

Measure the cabinet door(s) and choose the tin panels that fit best. The ones I used were vertical panels 10”x14” in size. I had a single large and very plain wood cabinet door to work with, so I picked out 4 panels.

Laying out the panels for the pie safe projectRemove the cabinet doors and lay them flat. Lay the tin panels over the top of the wood. I just played with the layout until I liked the spacing between the panels.   Then I took down the measurements in between the panels and around the edge. I didn’t want to cut holes in the door for the tin panels so I opted to lay them on top of the wood instead. This gives the same look of a pie safe without the ventilation component.

With the pieces laid out and my measurements taken, off I went to the local building supply to buy the trim I needed. I picked up some thin wood molding that I had the building supply store cut down to the width and depth that I needed.  The trim pieces wound up being 1 1/2 ” wide and 3″ wide, with 5/8″ depth.


Vintage Tub Couch

How to repurpose a cast iron tub into a couchRepurpose a Cast Iron Tub

As if taken directly out of Holly Golightly’s New York apartment, this project is timeless cool. In fact, for those of you with a great attention to detail, you may remember seeing one of these fabulous cast iron tub couches in that iconic film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

At first this project may seem daunting since we have to cut metal, but with the right tools it’s no big deal and you’ll have serious DIY cred for making your own.

Acquire the tub

You may already have an uncommitted cast iron tub lying around, but if not you can generally find them at architectural salvage shops and even swap sites. This project is a great candidate for tubs in less than perfect condition, so you may be able to get a great deal. For reference, at the time of this writing we paid $200 for a tub that we got from an individual on a social media swap site. I actually thought this was a little bit on the pricey side, but I’m cheap.

Bring help when you go tub shopping, this can be backbreaking work! Another tip to consider is the height of the vehicle that you intend to load your tub into. A low trailer may be easier to load than a pickup truck.


Back To School Upcycling Projects

Break out your rulers, pencils, and books because we’re upcycling them all to get ready for school!

Ruler Magnet

You’re going to get nothing but A’s, right? So you might as well get a cool magnet ready to hang your report card on the frig.

Rulers upcycled into a magent | Back to School Upcycling Projects