Awesome Mailboxes

A front door is great for a first impression to your home but a mailbox can leave an impression even quicker. Most visitors will pass right over a bland mailbox, a side from looking for address numbers, but an awesome mailbox can really set the tone.

 Floating Numbers

Perfect for the modern or eclectic home, this mailbox features a clean and sleek design with floating numbers on a rusted metal box.

Awesome mailboxes


Creative DIY Shelving

Organize your home with style with creative DIY shelving that is as functional as it trendy.

 Rustic and Functional

Add shelving space and a towel rack at the same time with this rustic fixture.
Creative DIY Shelving Ideas


DIY Marquee Letter

If you’re into the whole industrial chic thing, we have the perfect project for you! Lighted marquee signs and letters are hot right now and we can show you how to make your own for a fraction of the price that a vintage or custom made sign will cost you.

For this project we will construct a lighted marquee letter and apply a really cool and unique rusty metallic finish using Modern Masters® paint and activator. This paint is interesting because it allows you to add an authentic rusty finish to wood or other products without actually having to work with metal. Pretty cool.

Cut Out the Letter

Painting the marquee letterLet’s get started. First, we lay out the letter that we intend to cut out onto ¾” plywood. Next, we cut out our letter with a jigsaw. Jigsaws are an easy power tool to get started with even if you’re not a natural woodworker. They are easy to control, can be inexpensive to purchase, and are relatively safe to operate as compared to circular saws, which can be pretty intimidating for first time users. If your sign or letter has areas that need to be cutout that are circular in nature, you may have to drill an access hole the same size or larger than your jigsaw blade to get started.

Once our letter is nicely cut from the plywood, we’ll sand the edges smooth. You don’t have to go for perfection here, we’re going to be giving this piece a finish that makes it appear as if it’s been weathering for years. Just smooth it up to remove the ragged edges and remove the chance for splinters.


Now we’ll add our paint. We used Modern Masters® Metal Effects Iron paint. Apply the paint to the letter per the package instructions. Once dry, spritz the piece with the MM rust activator. Soon you’ll see the rust begin to form. Amazing.


Creative DIY Lighting

Add a little extra awesome to any room with these creative DIY lighting ideas.

Industrial Beer Bottle Light

Some people say save your best for last, but I like to lead with my best step forward. This light utilizes industrial pipes and beer bottles to make a phenomenal light for an eclectic room.

Creative DIY light ideas


Prevent Fruit Flies

Fruit is a great addition to any diet but there is always the chance of attracting those little flying pests called fruit flies. It’s not uncommon to find them hovering around a fruit basket, trash can, or a garbage disposal.

Get Rid of Fruit Flies

How to make a fruit fly trapWhen fruit flies show up, they usually appear by the dozens and are hard to kill. Despite their tiny size, they move quite well. Besides, who has the time to be running around with a fly swatter all day killing tiny invaders.

This fruit fly trap from My Blessed Life is the perfect remedy. It is super simple to put together and does all the work for you. All you need is a sheet of paper, jar, vinegar, and liquid dish detergent (optional).