DIY Burlap Crafts

Add some texture to your DIY decor and crafts with a little bit (or a lot) or burlap. These projects are sure to inspire you!

Burlap Tree

Why pay big bucks for the West Elm version of this burlap tree when you can build it yourself!
West Elm inspired burlap tree | DIY Burlap Crafts


Recycled Door Window Seat Project

Is it just me or can you never have enough storage? It seems like we are always in the same mode at my house of trying to find a home for all of our stuff. It took a full eight years for Laura to finally get the window seat that should have been included when we built the house. But you need not wait to have your own because this project goes together in an afternoon with minimal fuss.

Having a supply of old paneled wood doors at our disposal has provided us with design ideas and material for various projects like this one. The door that we selected for our window seat, by a stroke of luck, happens to be ideal for the cottage style that we so adore. It can sometimes be quite difficult to find what you’re looking for, while other times the perfect piece seems to speak to you from the junk pile. There are no guarantees in junking, so you have to resign yourself to go with the flow. I tend to think the challenge of finding materials is the best part, if you can get past the whole frustration thing.
1 - project area


How to Add Castors to Furniture

How to add castors to furnitureDo you have any pieces of furniture that seem a little low to the ground? I have a lovely sofa table that I picked up at a garage sale and wanted to use as a writing desk. When I placed the table where I wanted to use it, I realized that the drawer trim made it impossible for me to sit at the table with my legs underneath. The drawer was too close to the seat of the chair.

I searched around for some ideas on how to lengthen the legs and settled on casters.  I wanted the same old fashioned casters that were on my antique furniture pieces and after much searching, found the perfect ones at an online hardware store.

The casters I picked out are gorgeous vintage look wood wheels with stems that were the perfect addition to this table.  Here’s the step-by-step guide to how to add castors to a piece of furniture.


Monthly Recap: Turning Leaves

I can’t believe but the leaves are already starting to turn to autumn colors. It was a colder than usual summer in the Midwest so that must mean an early fall. As long as the cool temps don’t translate into another record cold winter, I won’t complain!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Prepare your home for the changing of the seasons and cooler temperatures with this fall home maintenance checklist.

fall leaves


Home Tile Guide

Tile is a very integral part of many homes today. It can be found on floors, backsplashes, fireplace mantles, showers, home decor projects, and more. The trick is knowing which tile is right for your home or project. You need to consider aesthetics, durability, maintenance, installation, and cost. The following guide from Drury Designs is a great guide to help you narrow down the right choice.

Tile guide for your home