DIY: Temporary Patch Kit for a Leaky Roof

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Roof leaks are typically caused when a home is damaged by severe weather. This includes strong wind, battering rain, and hail. The size of the leak will dictate type of temporary repair that are able to use on your roof. You can choose from many roof leak repair options. A permanent repair for a roof will require hiring a roofing company.


Measure the area of the roof where the leaking occurs by using a tape measure. Measure and cut pieces of plastic that will completely cover the leak or leaks on the roof. Run a bead of caulk around the edges of the leaking areas. Place a piece of the cut plastic over the leak and press it onto the caulk. Leave it to dry for about six hours. This will seal off the leaking area of the roof until you can arrange to have your roof permanently repaired. If you do not have any plastic sheeting, then rolls can be found at your local home improvement store.

If you do not want to use caulk, then another option will be needed. Measure and cut a piece the plastic sheeting to a size that will cover the leak on your roof. Staple the ends of the plastic onto a two-by-four board. The boards will keep the plastic from blowing off of the roof. Set the two-by-four boards on the roof and stretch the plastic over the leak. Nails can be used to secure the boards to the roof. The plastic will keep the roof from leaking until a permanent fix can be found.


This is a solution that is similar to the use of plastic sheeting. The use of a tarp is a good solution if the roof has lost a section of shingles. A trap will cover more area and will hang over both sides of the roof to cover the leaking area. Nail one side of the tarp to a two-by-four board. Set this board along the eave line of the roof. Run the tarp over the roof to the other side and roll the end around another two-by-four board. Nail this board to the roof sheathing. Place more two-by-four boards along the perimeter of your tarp and nail to the roof.

How to temporarily patch a leaky roof

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    I always use a tarp wrapped around the 2x4s, and want it draped over the ridge so water doesn’t flow down under the tarp. I’m not sure about the other patching you list, especially as some roof leaks are hard to determine from the attic.

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    Hey that’s a nice idea for those who wants to do their work fast in case of emergency. This information is really a worth for the individual and helps him/her to get rid of the problem. Thanks for the post.

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