Toilet Maintenance and Inspection

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toilet maintenance and cleaningToilets are very robust devices that can last a long time in your home with proper maintenance. The process for flushing a toilet is simple. The water tank fills up with water from a supply hose coming out of the wall. As soon as the tank reaches the proper level the floating ballcock shuts off the water. If the water level gets too high, the extra fluid drops down the overflow tube into the bowl. To flush the toilet the handle on the tank is pulled down, which opens a rubber flapper to release all the water. The water flows down into the rim and out siphon jets into the bowl. Differences in water height create the flushing action.

Preventing Problems

Rarely does a toilet clog without reason. Avoid flushing any material down the toilet that isn’t intended for use to prevent a clog. Objects that commonly cause problems are feminine products, sanitary napkins, and paper towels. If you do need to fix a clog, use a plunger to dislodge the blockage. The next line of action would be to use a wire hanger to poke at the clog and follow up with the plunger.

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