Coat Closet Remodel

Most every home has a coat closet either in their main or back entry. Though some are larger than others, most have a few things in common. The standard closet dowel rod for hanging coats with a shelf above it, a floor and a door. Though some have sliding or pocket doors most that I’ve seen have a standard open door.  The later is the closet I’m remaking, but most of what I’m doing can work for any coat closet with a few alterations which I’ll include in this article.
Typical Coat Closet

Coat Closet Before
Jazmyn/Jazzy, checking to see what I’m doing.

It’s taken me over ten years to get to this project. We were our own contractors doing much of the work ourselves, so we very well could have done this “the right way” to begin with. After all I knew better since I remade the coat closet in our last home over twenty years ago this way. Time was short so we took the fast way and built a standard coat closet design and as you can see over use the space. That stops today. From now on it’s going to be used more efficiently. 

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